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  • Pzarose Face Mask
    Pzarose Face Mask

    Mask: Mineral Mud Mask All skin typesAvailable in size: 120mlContains:-...

  • Pzarose Tone
    Pzarose Tone

    Tone: Botanical Firming Toner All skin typesAvailable in sizes:...

  • Pzarose Active Eye Cream
    Pzarose Active Eye Cream

    Active: eye cream All skin types  Available in size: 15ml    A...

  • Shea Butter Cream
    Shea Butter Cream

    A creamy body butter, rich in 8% fair trade shea butter, sunflower seed...

  • Intense Hydrating Lotion
    Intense Hydrating Lotion

    An intense moisturizer rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Shea...

  • Anti-Aging Cream
    Anti-Aging Cream

    A soothing combination of natural oils and emollients. Rich in aloe,...

  • Dark Cool Neutral Set
    Dark Cool Neutral Set

    DARK COOL NEUTRAL Camera Ready - TintedLip Pencil –...

  • Dark Warm Tone Set
    Dark Warm Tone Set

    DARK WARM TONE Camera Ready - TintedLip Pencil – CabernetBlush - 320...



About Us

Pzarose the new brand name for a woman interested in a new brand that examplifies her elegance and taste in her personal life style.

The PZarose Company, principal business activity involves the design, manufacturing and worldwide licensing and marketing of Evening attire. As a branded lifestyle company, The PZarose Company products are designed to appeal to core stylish enthusiasts and mainstream consumers seeking apparel that represents individuality, and independence.  PZarose Collection brand targets young adults participating in the consumption of night events, and special evening undergarments. The PZarose Company plans to operate with a cost structure with more play in operating margins to withstand tougher market conditions executing innovative multi pronged marketing techniques that will reinforce the PZarose Collection brand image across several platforms of the apparel market through all major retail distribution channels, including department and specialty stores, catalog retailers and e-commerce. The PZarose Company intends to operate a Website that will support its merchandising and marketing initiatives; sell

merchandise online, provide content for its target customers, and provide information about the company.  The PZarose Company will build a reputation based upon quality, fashion integrity, and a distinctive image as a leading clothing purveyor; consistently developing across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets with an emphasis on quality.

Founder and Creator designer Gerald Pizzaro thanks you for your business and looks forward to your enjoyment of the latest new brand in women underwear. PZAROSE COLLECTION.

Pzarose Hollywood Office